The Final Question

Have I reached the end at last?
Are my adventures done?
Relegated to the past,
All that I've lost, and won?
Do I have now but mem'ries left?
Do I have now that thought?
Of means of action now bereft,
Of action, having naught?
Tell me now, that I may mourn,
For I have been bereaved.
Ambitions dashed and prospects torn,
If you're to be believed.
Tell me now, is this the end?
You haven't said a word,
So then I'll ask you once again,
For I am undeterred.
What's this? A nod? A silent yes?
The answer that I seek?
Am I now doomed to violent rest?
My once bright future bleak?
It can't be so! Where will I go?
To Joy above or Doom below?
I do not know, I do not know,
I'll find out shortly, though.


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