Princess Poetry

I've not known a woman
Quite as fickle as rhyme
Quite as quietly arrayed
Quite as dressed to the nines

And I've known no girl sweeter
No skin quite as smooth
As a delicate meter
That so tenderly soothes

I have heard no voice louder
Than the scratch of the pen
That ignites like gunpowder
Emotions from within

The pen is a mortar
The words are its shells
Fired by the reporter
In the stories he tells

With a bang, with a boom
As they fly from the page
And bring succor or doom
Or inspire or enrage

But a poem, she dances!
She flies on her feet
As she flits and she prances
To tunes of heartbeats

With a coy little wink
And a flip of her hair
Does the poetry's ink
Tender hearts so ensnare

And when her dance is finished
She blows a quick kiss
Which does naught to diminish
Her onlookers' bliss

And the poem takes her bob
And she exits the stage
While the tender heart throbs
In the reader's ribcage


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