Death Wish

Shatter, oh weary heart
And take now your final rest
Upon the silken bed.
Lay down oh sullen head,
Oh dark window to darker soul
May you at last feel peace.
Oh shaking hands be still at last
The time for work has long since past
Mouth, frown no more, no longer twist
Into a grimace dour and grim.
Tongue, I have but single task
That of you now I dare to ask
Sharpen to barbs your honed edge
And turn it to the sky.
Let Heaven seep heavy from gashes
Brought by your own mortal slashes
Seize the bitter heart of God
And hold it to the light.
And rage, oh tongue, rage as I lay
And debt of death I now repay
Rage with passion, true and bold
Against the callous world
Against my neck I feel a scythe
As hard as steel and cold as ice
And so I spit into the air
In hopes it reaches Heaven
And as I breathe my final breath
I forsake life and embrace death


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