My Darling

I cannot see, my darling,
Would you please move to the right?
For right now your shadowed form
Is blocking out the light

Ah, thank you, that's better
I can now see the room
The warm light's glow is much preferred
To dark and dreary gloom

Now, what was it I was saying?
I cannot quite recall
Well, no bother, it probably wasn't
Important after all

How are you, my darling?
Are you feeling well?
If you're not feeling like yourself
Don't hesitate to tell

What was that, my darling?
I didn't catch your words
I cannot hear you speak over
The tweeting of the birds

What do you mean there are none?
Of course there are, my dear!
Why the sudden sobbing, love?
What caused these rapid tears?

My darling, where are you going?
Please, my dear, come back
Oh no, please no, keep on the lights
I cannot stand the black

Please dear, do not leave me
That I could not stand
Without you my evenings are dim
And my afternoons bland

I couldn't bear to be without
The comfort of your words
My darling, don't leave me to hear
But the sounds of birds


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