Across my room there sits a candle
Shining through the night
It's light is more than I can handle
I cannot stand the sight

I watch it grow, I watch it ebb
It flickers in the breeze
I wish for its death from my bed
But still it burns with ease

The candle mocks me from its stand
It taunts me with its flame
For my attention it demands
Thus I give it the same

I've tried to put the candle out
I've tried to snuff the fire
But still the flame stays ever stout
Despite all my desires

I tried to douse it yesterday
I poured water upon it
And smothered it, and yet today
It still glows like a comet

Perhaps it's there to stall my sleep
Perhaps to drive me mad
For even now the image creeps
Into my mind, the cad

My father placed it years ago
When last I saw his face
Before he left this world below
He left it in his place

I wish I could remember what
He told me on that day
Wasn't a talkative man but
Then had so much to say

But now he's gone, and all his words
Have disappeared with time
I can't recall even a third
Of his advisory lines

And so it continues to burn
That which he left for me
The candle 'side my father's urn
Is all that I can see


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