The other night I took my hat 

And set into the night 

Across my path ran a black cat

And set my heart a-flight

I resumed my midnight walk

Till I heard the tell-tale sound 

As out of shadows there did stalk

A massive black hellhound

His eyes were bright, a gruesome red 

His howl was all around me

And I knew then I’d soon be dead 

For Hell itself had found me 

I tripped upon my own two feet 

And fell into the grass 

A hand reached down, and I did meet

Myself, on the same pass

I looked up, and there he stood

My face, my body, smile 

His eyes though were as dull as wood 

My stomach filled with bile

I closed my eyes and shut my ears 

For death was coming fast

My shuttered eyes were filled with tears 

I opened them at last 

And there I was, back in my home

My room was as ’twas always 

I felt relief to be alone

Among the empty hallways

I heard a rapping on the door 

One knock, then two, then three

I opened it, but there before

‘Twas no one, only me


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