Devil’s Advocate 

I'll never shoot the messenger 

I'll never curse his name

For when bad news comes running 

I know just who to blame 

For I know who's the culprit here 

Yes, I know who's at large 

When things go wrong, I just look up

And blame the One in charge
They say he's so forgiving 

The say he's oh so kind 

I'd like to ask, if that is true

What did He have in mind

When he made floods and pestilence

Mosquitoes, and the plague 

His divine plan of joy and mirth 

Now looks to be quite vague 

He'll smite you without second thoughts

He says that we're to blame 

For all the faults He put in us 

He'll doom us to the flames 

That feast on our flesh evermore 

And that seems just as well

But if he's so all-forgiving

Why does there need to be a Hell?


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