The Soldier and His Son p.8

When the son awoke at dawn

He knew what he would do

A task was branded on his mind

And he would see it through

He stumbled to his own son’s door

And knocked upon the wood 

The boy soon scrambled to the door

As quickly as he could 

He asked his father what was wrong 

But the man spoke not a word 

Instead he just looked at his son

With tears his vision blurred 

A teardrop fell unto the floor

Soon followed by another 

The dam was broke, they freely flowed

The one after the other 

He took his son into his arms 

And pulled him to his breast

The son was shaken by the heaving

Of his father’s chest

And so they stood, so closely linked

The son to his son cleaved 

The boy was quiet, he allowed

His father his reprieve

He was a soldier too, you know

Though but one shot was fired

Fighting his father’s battles had

Left him so frayed and tired 

He would not pass it to his son

He made a solemn oath

To be there each and every day

To assist the boy’s growth

Thus he broke off the sad embrace

The time for grief was done 

And so they sauntered, hand in hand

The soldier and his son


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