The Soldier and His Son p.7

In this dream he saw his father 

Standing there before him 

And though the son looked on with dread

He couldn’t well ignore him 

We walked up to his father’s side 

Placed his hand on his shoulder

He cleared his throat, and after this

He felt a slight bit bolder 

“What are you doing here,” he asked

His breath a fragile quaver 

And when his father turned to face him

His confidence wavered

“What do you mean by that, my son?”

His father asked of him 

“Greeting my only son I’d think 

Is not so great a sin.”

The son then cleared his throat again

This time, he was fuming 

“Oh now you care about your son?”

He said, his voice now booming

His father hung his head in shame 

And whispered then “I’m sorry.”

He looked back up to his son’s eyes

His tears shining and starry

The son’s anger melted away

He walked up to his dad

And embraced him in a deep hug

With all the strength he had 

The son awoke with a sharp start 

And sat up in his bed 

By his side he saw his wife

Resting her pretty head

The son settled in bed again

His father’s mission done 

And so the two did reconcile

The soldier and his son 


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