The Soldier and His Son p.6

Now a man, the son took heed

Of his late father’s warnings

And made sure not to get caught up

In his sorrowful mourning

He kept his focus straight ahead

On his small plot of land

A blooming farm he made of it 

Forged wholy with his hands

He took the surplus to the city 

Where it sold in droves 

Soon he could even afford 

To buy some fancy clothes 

And with these clothes he went to town 

And wooed himself a wife 

And he brought here back home with him

To start their married life

Her laugh filled him with ceaseless joy

Her smile, with endless glee

But more than that he just enjoyed

To have some company 

Soon he had a child all his own 

As funds were not a bother 

And in a fit of duty named 

His son after his father 

They all lived there so happily

A family at last 

But still the man was haunted by 

The visions of his past 

At night, he saw his father’a corpse 

And when he closed his eyes 

He saw the blood that over which 

He had so agonized 

On one such night he had a dream 

That weighed on him like a ton

A dream where they did meet again

The soldier and his son 


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