The Soldier and His Son p.5

The boy stayed there for quite a while

That night, he never slept

He stayed there by his father’s side

Until in daylight crept 

The sunlight poured into the room

It cast a yellow glow

Onto the young boy perched over 

The grisly scene below 

His tears glistened like pearls so pure

In the Sun’s warm light 

The boy then rose unto his feet

So to perform his rites

His father never told him much

But he had showed him plenty

For each one thing by word he taught 

By example he taught twenty 

The boy grabbed the spade from the wall

And began to do his work

He thrust the tool into the ground

And shoveled out the dirt

And so he toiled, in blazing heat

He dug his father’s tomb 

He placed his father five feet deep

Into the Earth’s warm womb 

The boy’s new life began that day 

He was now on his own 

Both his parents now were passed

Which left him all alone

Still, he knew how to plant the crops

And how to till the soil 

And as the years continued on 

He too learned how to toil

The boy grew fast into a man

A lonesome, quiet, one

An apple whose tree was nearby

The soldier and his son 


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