The Herald

The rising Sun heralds the day

He sets the world a-flutter

He stretches out his golden hands

His rays as warm as butter

With a breath he stirs the Earth

And wakes the slumb'ring creatures

Light fills each and every wrinkle

Illuming her features
As day goes on, his rays grow harsh

And crack the arid earth

His scorching heat calls end to joy

And cuts short shows of mirth

The Sun beats down without remorse

And shrivels wasting bodies

His light is glaring, unforgiving

His once soft beams turn gaudy
Then, at last, Dusk comes along

To send him on his way

And so he leaves us once again

To come another day

And all is quiet, all is still

We pray that he comes back

For we know that without him

There would be naught but black


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