The Heart

The heart is a man’s most loyal friend 

So he keeps it locked safe in his chest

Always there to keep pace untill the better end 

And forever to know him the best

For the heart knows all a man’s fears and his dreams 

His desires, his comforts, his sundries

For the heart is a man much more than his name

Or his face, or his form, or his country 

Still the heart keeps its place, always hidden away

As a man through his life blindly staggers

And when there are debts, the heart always pays 

As it suffers the arrows and daggers 

And the heart suffers long, and the heart suffers hard 

Without moaning or groaning or tears

And when a man loses his heart? Then he’s dead

Because with it his soul disappears 

So be proud of your heart, and of course treat it well

Fill it with love and protect it

And guard it from hate and its issues do quell 

And be sure not to harm or neglect it 

For your heart is a friend, and a loyal one too

And your heart will not ever deceive you

It will always be there in the dead of the night 

Without legs, after all, it can’t leave you 


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