We were born from the dust

We were placed in these lands

As our Father on high

Stretched out his mighty hands 
And he gave a decree

That we then multiply 

And he promised us peace

Under his watchful eye
And we worked, and we toiled

And we cried, and we bled

But just as He promised 

We always were fed 
So our children had children 

And they children too

We had so many children 

The air filled with coos
And our children did grow 

Through the rain and the sleet

And we realized with shock

That our children did eat
So we worked in the fields

And we worked harder still

So that all our children’s 

Poor bellies were filled
But to our great chagrin 

The children kept growing

The tide of hungry mouths

Showed no signs of slowing 
And still as we struggled 

To grow on our lands 

Our fat-bellied landlords 

Stuck out their greedy hands 
And we worked half to death

For the rights to our fields 

That even as we worked 

Gave diminishing yields 

But still all our pockets 

Were picked until clean 

As the cold fangs of hunger 

Gnawed our bones until lean 
And just as we anguished 

And wailed in the night 

From the infernal shadows 

Emerged the grim Blight 
And it ate at our crops 

And it left them to die 

As the glimmer of hope 

Disappeared from our eyes 
And we fell to our knees 

And we cursed God above

For the abhorrent ways 

He had repaid our love
And we fled our homeland 

That we had held so dear

That had drank of our blood

And our sweat, and our tears 
For ’twas dust that we tilled

And ’twas dust that we earned 

As from dust we were born 

And to dust we return


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