We were kings of grounds untouched 

We were sovereign of our lands 

We were not wanting for much 

For we were fed by our own hands 

In defiance to the sky, we built pyramids on high 

To our children passed along our tales of glory 

As we drank and laughed and danced,  we fell into a merry trance 

And now there’s not but ruin to tell our stories 

Greed was first to take its piece 

After it, Hate was next 

For in pursuit of Golden Fleece 

We even dared to barter flesh 

As our peaceful Eden fell, the Devil came with sulfurous smell

He offered to us riches evermore 

But in our eagerness to sin, we were quick to let him in 

And forever was our Garden drenched with gore 

The Devil licked his chops and smiled 

With his great carving knife 

He cut and slashed ’till we were riled

And goaded us to endless strife

Under the guise of loving care, he bled our souls till we were bare 

Always groaning about his enormous burden

When we were no longer of use, he was quick with his excuse 

And abandoned us to our unholy guerdon 


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