They’re poorest of the poor

As they’d have you believe 

And though their coffers are quite full

To poverty they cleave 
Forever hurt, and much maligned 

The world’s not in their favor 

Perhaps the world is biased against 

Those afraid of hard labor 
“It’s just not fair,” You’ll hear them say 

That they should suffer pain

But why work to improve yourself?

It’s easier to complain 
Any faults? They’re simply human

Mistakes? Par for the course 

And God forbid they’re ever seen  

Not atop their high horse 
But the faults of others, though? 

They’re quick to note them all

But to mock them to their face

They never have the gall
The love the culture of struggle 

They crave adversity 

But though the price is great

They’re not willing to pay the fee
They’d like to think they’re cool

That they have style and grace 

But there’s nothing of substance 

Beneath their costly lace
And though they so love mirrors

Reflection they do lack 

They’re quick to give you compliments 

Quicker to take it back 

Their skin is lily white

Yet they yearn it to be black 

There’s no weight upon their shoulders

And no load upon their back 

Any mention of equality 

They see as an attack 

Always pleading to be mended

But not willing to be cracked 


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