The Dead and the Dying 

They said that he was crazy

They told me he was mad 

But I have learned much more from him

Than then I ever had
He taught me not to trust

Yet in distrust to love

In a word, he taught me how

To be as He above
He wasn’t crazy, I don’t think

But normal, no, he wasn’t 

He thought the things I didn’t and

The average person doesn’t 
He lives on, that wily man

I keep him still alive

Not on this mortal plane but 

In my heart he does reside
“We are all as one,” he said

“Threads of a selfsame cloth

Yet fear and hate and ignorance 

Chew through us like a moth.”
I listened then, but hear him now

I know that he’d be proud

That I have now taken to heart

The lesson he endowed
And though he died so long ago

I know the world he craved 

And deep inside the ground below

He’s rolling in his grave. 


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