The Remedy

Show me your sorrows, and show me your pains,

And I’ll show you how you can be better again,

Now this is a secret, you must lean in close

It works to perfection, though I don’t mean to boast

First take your heart, and it from you cleave

And out from your chest place it square on your sleeve

And wear it, and wear it, and wear it again

Wear it till it turns away your old friends 

Now here comes the hard part, take hold of your soul

And stretch it till it’s size is beyond your control

And then take it in hand, and then cast a wide net

Get all whom you know entangled in it 

Next, take your mind, and pray it’s not wizened

Because now it’s time to expand your horizons 

Send them out far, and send them out wide 

And now, my good friend, your time you must bide 

You’ve prepared yourself well, and now reap your rewards

You must wait to see what fortunes fate has in store 

Of course, though, remember, nothing is assured

And there’s none more fickle than our gracious Lord

So, when all other options are fully explored 

Go out on your own, and go on a tour

Of people and places and faces and more 

And of all the people that you’re sure to meet

I’m sure someone can help you back on your feet 


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