Dancing in the Dark 

I dance in the dark, where no one can see 

Where I know no one is there to judge me

And never before have I felt quite as free

As I do in the dark, so won’t you join me? 
I dance in the dark under cover of night

And I dance and I dance till the morning’s  soft light 

Because there in the dark, there’s no fear, there’s no fright

And so there I dance out of everyone’s sight 
I dance in the dark and I dance through the air 

And as I dance I am free of my cares

I don’t think of how, or of when, or of where

Because when I am dancing, I know I needn’t dare
I dance in the dark without any applause 

There is no effect, and less of a cause 

I dance for myself, I don’t hem, I don’t haw 

My dancing’s refined, but the passion is raw 
And I’ve never known a difference so stark 

As that between dancing in light and in dark 


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