The Soldier and His Son p.3

The soldier lay awake at night 

Haunted by the Shade

Of the man he’d shot and killed

During his soldiering days 
He clutched for him, he called his name 

He asked him why he did it

The soldier closed his ears and eyes

And prayed for him to finish
“I had a family too, you know,”

He cried, beyond the grave 

“When you shot me, did you think

that you were being brave?”
“I had a life, I had a wife,

you took it all away.

And so I’ll haunt you, day and night, 

until your debt’s been payed.”
The soldier heard his every word

And felt his every tear

The promise to return each night

He knew to be sincere 
The soldier’s wife had warned him once

Never to take a life

Now more than ever, he just wished 

He’d listened to his wife
The Shade and he were intertwined 

Connected, heart to heart

The soldier’s gun had on that day

Torn both their souls apart 

The soldier paid his debt last night

He sent his notes of lead

Through the barrel of his gun

And up into his head 
And with a bang forevermore

Two was reduced to one

So separated evermore 

The soldier and his son  


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