Jimmy Galindo was freefalling. 
He didn’t quite remember what possessed him to jump out of the plane he was so recently inside of, nor did he really remember why he was in a plane to begin with. He didn’t remember much. 
The ground had always been his friend. He had been walking on the ground ever since he could walk. He couldn’t remember a time at which he couldn’t see it. Even now, as he was plummeting through the air, his friend was clearly in sight, and getting nearer with every passing second. 
Jimmy Galindo closed his eyes and tried to think. After a few minutes he gave up trying to think and just felt. The wind buffeting him made it much too hard to think. He felt a lot of things, and he didn’t want to try and diagnose his exact feelings. So he just let them flow together.  
Jimmy Galindo opened his eyes 

And met his old friend. 
“Ow,” he said 
Jimmy Galindo had jumped from a landed plane.


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