Something about the world

I’ve heard the tales of Gods and Kings,Of heroes, wars, and sundries

Of bloody battles fought and won,

Of grand forgotten countries
The dust it speaks, the babbling creeks,

Whisper forgotten stories

The wind calls out its old accounts,

Its tales of dead men’s glory
An open ear is all it takes

To hear what’s all around you

Dilate your mind, and soon you’ll find

The narrative surrounds you
The ground you walk is naught but clay,

A gift of those before us

A warped and manufactured world,

Practically molded for us
They made the Gods and crowned the Kings,

And conquered mammoth quests

They fought wars for countless gruesome years

To show who was the best
They forged great countries, ruled them well,

But watched them fall to Time

Those viewed as perfection fell,

To those even more sublime
The past is the tale of the struggle,

Of men joined heart to heart,

Fighting dread Father Time to make,

Our world, the greatest art 
Listen close so that you may hear, 

The stories that the wind brings,

Turn your ears to the countryside

And hear the dead men sing 


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