The water lashed and struck the boat 

The rocks threatened to rip it in two

He’d lost all control, but still he knew

Soon would be his time to gloat
He’d broken one paddle long ago

And cast it into the river

His body let out a feeble shiver

As the wind continued to blow
He didn’t know where he was going 

And didn’t know how this ride would end

Or through what horrors he’d have to fend

With his single paddle he kept rowing
His boat ran right into a rock and shattered

It stopped on the spot and he was thrown 

Into the air. This journey he now bemoaned 

As he realized his faith hadn’t mattered
He closed his eyes, as he flew in haste 

Headfirst towards a large jagged rock

The last thing he felt was mortified shock

As he realized his hope was misplaced 


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