Gaily Foolish 

Blessed are the foolish

They dance in gay delight

Their footsteps are like dewdrops

In glistening moonlight
They bound freely from place to place

Unshackled by the world 

Their innocence and pure delight 

As precious as a pearl
No situation holds them down 

No burdens do adorn them

And better still, they hear not those

So jealous as to scorn them 
For tortured is the thinking man

So haunted by his life

So miserable to be alive 

In this grim world of strife
See how he screams into the night

See how he rips his hair 

See his face, oh gruesome mask!

To smile he wouldn’t dare
“What time for revelry is this?”

He asks the merry folk 

“Were you deaf to all the ills

Of which I just now spoke?”
“You’re going to die some day, you know

And then you’ll all be ash.

So what cause have you all for dancing?”

The miserable man asks. 
A foolish one just smiles and says

“Oh hush you grumpy man

Of course we’re going to die some day

We’re dancing while we can!”


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