When I think I think of myself 

And I really can’t help it

I think of what makes me alive

Don’t we all?

I think of my fall

And when I will cease to survive
And then I see others

I see all my brothers 

And sisters, the Misters,

And Misses who seem so alive

Are they real? 

Do they sense, do they feel,

Are they really all truly alive?
But something real,

My mind, reels me back in 

So it can attack and 

It beats and it beats and

I know that I’m truly alive 

Alive! I know I’m alive

If I think then I’m surely alive
So when I’m alone 

The thoughts boom like thunder

They tear me asunder

They get right up under my skin

And it’s vile! But I smile all the while 

For I know that I’m really alive
And then the thoughts stop

The worry and pain

Just drops out of my head and instead of the dread 

I just feel so alive!

Alive! For those moments I strive,

Those moments when I feel alive 
So what is the truth?

Is it struggling through

All the dirt and the muck and the sundries that make me alive?

Is it pain? 

Or is it what remains,

What is it to be truly alive?


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