A Noble Heart

Across the land a story’s told

Of a noble warr’ior old

Of a hero brave and bold

The People’s King, Gallanan

His court were kind, with regal smiles

All who met him were beguiled

His grin was wide, his eyes were wild

Beloved King Gallanan

He kept the watchposts duly manned

The army under his command

The kingdom felt his stead’ying hand

The Sturdy King Gallanan

He fed the hungry, payed the poor

Gave the people ever more

Like no one had given before

The Gen’rous King Gallanan

And all the people did rejoice

The streets were filled with rapt’rous noise

So cheered the girls, so cheered the boys

For their King Gallanan

His queen as well, peerlessly fair

Stood by his side with lustrous hair

Her beauty was beyond compare

The wife of King Gallanan

But oh how heavy ruling wore

Until the King could take no more

The noble King fell on his sword

The sword of King Gallanan

In mourning grief the land was shook

And oh how long the grieving took

Until they chanced upon a book

The book of King Gallanan

In it, he told of all his pains

Of the stresses of his reign

The burdens that had proved his bane

The Death of King Gallanan

He lamented all who’d died

Though to prevent their death he’d tried

He swore into the callous sky

The Weeping King Gallanan

He spoke at length about the hate

Which he did for himself create

And which his life could not abate

His hate for King Gallanan

And so resumed the mournful sound

The cries were heard from all around

And sad were all, and bawls abound

Were had for King Gallanan

And as the rang the rolling bell

And listened to the final knell

They bemoaned the silent hell

The Life of King Gallanan


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